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Next Parent Autism Awareness Course starts soon

The Communication & Interaction team will be running their next Autism Awareness Course for Parents online. This will be open to parents with children on the waiting list for a diagnosis as well as those with a diagnosis.

Barnardos have responded to the CV19 situation, and continue to offer their Cygnet programme online through licensed trainers. The programme is for parents/carers of children with aged between 7 and 18. We are excited to announce that we have negotiated and agreed access for families of CYP who are currently on the autism assessment pathway, in addition to families of CYP who have received and autism diagnosis. So here at Babcock LDP as licensed trainers we will be offering access to this programme during this summer holiday period, as hosting our usual parent autism awareness programme is not physically possible at this time due to CV19 restrictions.

Is this course for me? During and after a diagnosis parents and carers can have a lot of questions about autism and may feel isolated in managing their child’s needs. Children’s needs also change over time, and information and advice received when a child is younger may need to be updated to be relevant for the child/young person today. Attending the Cygnet programme gives parents and carers an opportunity to develop their understanding of autism and look at practical solutions to managing social communication and behaviour difficulties.

For more information see the document below

Cygnet-online-invite-July-Aug-2020-1.pdf (365 downloads )
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