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Autism : transitioning from home learning to school

Transition means change. Many people find change difficult, but especially those who have autism.

Transition is not just about the major changes that occur in phases throughout life. There are many transitions that occur during a typical day, including from;

  • One task to another
  • One room to another
  • Home to school/college
  • Inside to outside
  • Class-time to break-time
  • Teacher to teacher
  • Group to group

Covid 19 and the subsequent closure of schools has meant that children and young people have experienced huge change in their lives, for a prolonged period of time without any clear finish point. Some have benefitted from being able to access learning from home, without the pressures of unpredictable social interactions. Some have found this enormous change extremely challenging. All children will need some support to transition back into school. Those children with autism, will almost certainly need significant support to make this transition. Their routine will need to change again to accommodate attending school, and schools will inevitably be changed environments. Classrooms, assembly halls and toilets will look different, there might be different start and finish times and there will be new rules to learn about social distancing. Children and young people are in effect returning to an ‘unfamiliar familiar.’ Those children who are transitioning to a different setting, will not have had the opportunity for extended transition visits and to meet key staff in person. They are facing a huge transition or change, potentially without having had the opportunity for preparation.

For information on how to help your child, see the document below.

Autism-and-transition-from-home-learning.docx-1.pdf (321 downloads )
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