Community Links South West provide support services for families, and individuals, as well as individual counselling for adults.

We have experienced, friendly practitioners and counsellors who work alongside families and individuals in a very flexible way to provide the support that they need. Our practitioners deliver skilled interventions which are focused and time-limited.

We also facilitate support groups which provide safe spaces to connect with others experiencing similar challenges, helping reduce feelings of isolation. In addition, we run various events throughout the year including parenting courses and training.

You can download our current prices and qualifying criteria here. Our support group meeting and training dates are on our events page.

Families and Individuals

The support offered varies greatly depending on each client’s individual need, which will be determined as part of the initial assessment process.

Typical interventions can include helping a client through a bereavement, helping a client getting back to work after an illness or family break, or working on confidence and assertiveness skills.

Support for families and individuals can include how child development impacts on behaviour, as well as exploring strategies, tools and techniques to help families meet their challenges.

Often, we find that families experience very similar parenting issues, which we can help address with 1:1 support; alternatively, we can organise group sessions where families can explore specific challenges together. Realising that you are not the only one having difficulties can be very reassuring.

Our practitioners are also experienced in helping families through the maze of emotions experienced when parents realise that their child has additional needs. We can help them access specialist service, liaise with schools regarding any changes that may need to be made, and provide support in navigating the diagnosis process and statutory assessments.


Sometimes individuals require a different approach. Counselling can help individuals gain understanding and insight into any difficulties they may be experiencing, develop emotional resilience, and put into effect real change.

We offer a variety of counselling styles provided at different locations, allowing individuals to be matched to the appropriate counsellor and support.  Occasionally we are able to offer group therapeutic support when we identify a particular situation or set of people that might benefit from working as a group.

All our counsellors are qualified, insured and members of a counselling accrediting body (e.g. BACP) and will abide by an ethical code of conduct.

Autism/ADHD Parent Support Group

We recognise the huge value which peer support groups provide in reducing isolation, increasing awareness, and providing information for families and individuals with neuro-divergent children.

We help facilitate these groups by providing the structure and co-ordination which allows parents to get the most out of the meetings without taking on additional pressures.

Your child does not have to have a formal diagnosis in place in order to benefit from the support on offer; in fact, since there are still considerable delays in getting a diagnosis in the area, we urge parents and carers to seek support as soon as they can.

You can find details of our upcoming Autism/ADHD Parent Support Group meetings on our events page. If there isn’t currently a group running in your area, you are welcome to come along to your nearest group, or why not contact us to see whether we can help facilitate a group closer to you?

If you would like more information about the group, or if you are an individual or organisation offering services for families with neuro-diverse children, please contact us. We ask for a suggested donation of £2 per session to help cover cost of room hire and refreshments.

Mental Health Group

We recognise the huge value which peer support groups provide in reducing isolation, increasing awareness, and providing strategies which can help individuals struggling with Mental Health Illness. Members of the Mental Health Peer Support Group are all currently living with, or recovering from, mental health illness.

We provide the structure and facilitator for groups, ensuring that conversations are managed in a helpful way and offering strategies which can help people manage their situation more effectively.

On occasion, we also organise for relevant organisations to come to speak to the group, such as the Citizen’s Advice Bureau or the Depression and Anxiety Service. We also co-ordinate outings such as trips to the local woodlands or theatre.

You can find details of our upcoming Mental Health Group meetings on our events page. Due to the nature of this group, it is not a drop in facility. Please contact us prior to attending the group, so that we can discuss your needs. We ask for a suggested donation of £2 per week to help cover the costs of room hire and refreshments.

Access our support services

Individuals can self refer to our services or an agency who they are working with can refer on their behalf. You can find our referral documents in the related document section.

Due to the nature of our funding, some services are subsidised and available on a sliding scale. This may depend on where you live. If you do not qualify for the funding streams we currently have available, you can still access the services on a paid for basis. You can find our fees and funding information in our related document section.

Alternatively, contact us and see whether we can help you access funding that will cover the cost of our services.

Can You Help?

We are fortunate to have funding which enables us to offer subsidised services. However, we are also working to develop our support services as long term and sustainable, and rely on the generosity of our community, and funders.

We are grateful for volunteers who help us but are always looking to for help! We may need chaperones for trips and people who can help with peoples’ specific practical needs.
We are always looking at ways to raise funds for our support services; if fundraising and/or bid writing is something you could help us with, please let us know.

We are also happy to accept financial donations to extend the ways we can help people in our community. Please contact us to discuss this in more detail.