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Helping children understand coronavirus

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Uncertainty creates anxiety. And there is plenty of uncertainty around at the moment. What can we do to help reduce the anxiety for our children? ….

Children absorb anxiety like a sponge. And anxiety shows up in many different ways including anger and defiance. So if you are experiencing challenging behaviour from your children, they are probably feeling unsettled.

Be aware of what they are hearing and watching. Do you have the news on when they are around? Are the messages they are receiving age-appropriate? Is your own anxiety raised? Have you noticed you are a bit less patient, a bit quicker to snap? Are you finding it hard to juggle children and your own work? These things will all reduce a child’s ability to regulate. It’s hard, but if you can stay calm and talk gently to your child, you can help them manage their feelings.

To help you find ways to talk to your children about the virus Devon County Council have put together a useful list of resources to help children understand enough about the virus whilst not feeding their anxiety. You can find the list on the link below.

Remember, if you are struggling, there is help available. Contact familysupport@comunitylinks-sw.co.uk.


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