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DIAS looks for feedback from parents/carers and professionals

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DIAS would like as many parent/carers and professionals as possible to complete their survey so they can gather feedback over the information they are providing around C-19.

DIAS writes “Please help us improve our service by letting us know if we are producing the information you want, in the way that you want, during Coronavirus.

Through the Ambassador volunteer project we have been signposting and sharing information from DiAS over the last few weeks and we would really like any feedback from you , whether you are a parent carer, an  Ambassador Volunteer or a professional working with parent/ carers with children of SEND. What we need is feedback from anyone who has accessed the DiAS information we have shared. We aim to keep producing helpful resources and signposting tools but we do need feedback to help inform the development work.

We really look forward to hearing from you

Follow the link to the simple questionnaire.”


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