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Free webinars to help businesses to reopen workplaces safely

Businesses and shops will be reopening, and non-essential shops opening again in England from 15 June.

For those employers, there is now a lot of published guidance for businesses to ensure that workplaces are as safe as possible.

Whilst primarily for businesses and shops you may find it useful to dip into the FREE webinars that the Government is delivering for businesses on how to make their workplace coronavirus (COVID-19) secure.

The webinars cover a range of different types of workplace, recognising that many businesses operate in multiple settings, for example, an office and a factory and with a fleet of vehicles.

Next week, there will be webinars aimed at businesses that operate in construction and other outdoor work; labs and research facilities; offices and contact centres; and for businesses working from home.

You can register to join any of these webinars for free via their website.

Some webinars have already happened, but can be viewed as recordings on the government’s You Tube channel.They include webinars on factories, plants and warehouses; restaurants offering takeaway or deliveries; shops and branches; and vehicles.